• Image of A Pack of Cats

A pocker deck with cat-themed art and suits. 56 cards including four jokers.

You're trying to play a game of Hearts, or Rummy - or Whist - or whatever you usually play with your perfectly normal sensible standard deck of cards - but something has been moved around.

The suits are now Lasers, Mice, Boxes and Nip. Someone has rearranged the pips somehow. But it all still works perfectly fine. And then... ridiculous cats start turning up. The Queen of Boxes in her cardboard palace. The Jack of Mice brought a present. Actually, there are cats peering around the backs of your whole hand when you fan it out.

There are cats in your game now.

You can still play as usual, of course... or you can allow the cats change the rules. It's up to you.

The unique feature of this deck are the four jokers, which come with a set of rules that turns them into simple action cards to suit most games. They let you peek at cards, change moves, and move cards around to your advantage. You'll get to know them in no time, and start to make up your own feline house rules... and have a lot of fun.

The cards are printed on Black Cored Playing Card Board, with specially designed back art. They come in a matching tuck box, with a folded rule sheet to explain the optional joker rules.

For more info, here is the original kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/566817149/a-pack-of-cats-playing-cards-designed-by-viviane-s